About Us


We launched COMMUNI(TEE) in July 2020 as a platform for young designers from underrepresented communities across the country. We work with artists whose vision and talent exceed their connections in the wider worlds of design and fashion, giving them a marketplace for their boldest, most striking pieces.

Our inaugural line runs heavily to casual wear. Some of our designs are available as both women’s and men’s t-shirts; others have a more specific appeal. We want everyone who buys from COMMUNI(TEE) to be proud both of how they look and of the contribution they have made to the livelihood of an artist who otherwise may not have had a path to commercial success.


About The Founder

Amaurys Valdez is a Network Engineering & Cybersecurity veteran NYC teacher, and a Cisco Network Academy Instructor.

In 2019, AWS Educate honored Valdez with the title of AWS Cloud Ambassador for his contributions in promoting educational attainment, and increasing diversity within the tech industry.

Valdez has volunteered many hours to mentor students in programs such as YearUp, PerScholas, Pursuit, and SkillsUSA. As a supporter of community service, Valdez is motivated by giving back to individuals from under-represented communities and has therefore worked with community leaders and businesses to help close the opportunity gap throughout NYC’s five boroughs.

Some of Valdez’s community engagement projects include, but are not limited to, financial management courses, hosting networking events, and creating COMMUNI(TEE).

To find out more about Valdez, please visit amaurysvaldez.com.